Buying a Sim Card at Buenos Aires Airport in 2023

Preparing your trip to Argentina and soon flying to Buenos Aires? Curious if you can buy a prepaid sim card for Argentina at Buenos Aires Airport on arrival? I got you! In this guide I will tell you everything you need to know about buying a sim card at Buenos Aires Ezeiza (EZE) International Airport: where to buy a sim card, up to date prices as per August 2023, my recommendation and at the end even information about international and e-sim cards for Argentina.

When traveling overseas a local prepaid sim card is the cheapest way to stay connected. Local prepaid sim cards guarantee you max internet speed, a lot of data for little money and the best network connection. Keep in mind that overseas data roaming plans limit the internet speed and you will often be stuck with a 3G connection and thus slow data speed.

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Traveling to multiple countries then check out my guide for buying an international sim card with data and global coverage.

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Buenos Aires Airport – EZE

The main international airport for tourists visiting Argentina is the Ezeiza International Airport which is located about 45 minutes southwest from the city center of Buenos Aires. The airport is very easy to navigate and for international arrivals there is only one exit into the arrival hall.

In the arrival hall you will find a convenience store, a bakery, a Starbucks, a Mc Donalds and ATM’s. However, there is no place to buy a sim card for Argentina.

Where to buy a sim card at Buenos Aires Airport

After walking around everywhere in the arrival hall without success find a sim card shop I went to the information desk. They directed me to the Departure Hall where there is a Personal Flow store, one of the main mobile internet providers in Argentina. 

Opposite check-in counter 40 you will find a pop-up store of Personal Flow, the only place at Buenos Aires Airport to buy a sim card for Argentina. Arrival and Departures are on the same floor and it is just 1 minute walk. Buenos Aires EZE Airport is very easy going.

The Personal Flow store at Buenos Aires Airport is open from 09.00 am till 10.00 pm and only accepts credit or debit card payments. No cash!

There is now also a Personal Flow store at EZE Buenos Aires Airport upstairs in the arrival hall. The opening hours are the same: 9.00 am till 10.00 pm.

Do I recommend a Personal Flow prepaid sim card for traveling in Argentina? No, actually not! Traveltomtom recommends a Claro sim card for Argentina. Find out more info in my complete guide for buying a sim card in Argentina in 2023.

Prices sim cards Buenos Aires Airport

There are a bunch of prepaid sim cards available. Registration is free and the price you see on the photo is what you will be charged. They will take a copy of your passport, register your new sim card and activate one of the above prepaid data plans.

The sim card will instantly work and you are connected as soon as you leave the counter. Personally I would take the 10 GB data plan for 30 days.

Upstairs in the Personal Flow store they also sell the following prepaid sim card plan for Argentina called Tourista Prepago:

  • 3 GB data + 100 minutes + 30 international minutes for 30 days = 800 ARS

My recommendation

Well, if you are only staying in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Rosario, Cordoba or other places in the Northern regions of Argentina then a Personal Flow prepaid sim card is totally fine. However, when traveling to South Argentina a Personal Flow prepaid sim card is pretty much useless as they have a very limited 4G/5G network in South Argentina. Check my guide for the best sim card in Argentina in 2023 with much more info about the best 4G/5G network coverage in Argentina.

Buying a sim card at the airport of Buenos Aires is of course the most convenient way to get connected when traveling to Argentina. You land, you go to the Personal Flow store, hand over your passport, you pay and you instantly have a working data connection on your phone.

In fact the prices for Argentina prepaid sim cards at Buenos Aires Airport are also very decent. So would I recommend buying a sim card at Buenos Aires Airport if you are not traveling to South Argentina: YES.

However, if you want to save some extra dollars then it is better to buy your sim card in Buenos Aires city center. This also has a lot to do with the Blue Dollar exchange rate. At the Personal Flow store at Buenos Aires Airport they only accept card payments and no cash.

I am sure you are aware of the hyper inflation in Argentina and that you are able to exchange cash dollar bills against a currency exchange more than 2x as much as the official rate. That also means that if you pay for your Argentina prepaid sim card in cash it suddenly becomes 50% cheaper. Just a tip… up to you if that is what you want to do.

Best e-sim cards for Argentina

You can also stay connected with an e-sim card for Argentina or an international sim card that you order online before your trip. Here is how…

Arrange everything within just a couple minutes by ordering an e-sim card directly online. You even keep your own phone number, no more swapping sim cards. After you order one online you receive a unique code in your email with instructions. Follow the instructions, apply the settings and you are all set!

Check out the following e-sim card deals for Argentina:

  • 2 GB data for 7 days = $15 USD
  • 6 GB data for 30 days = $26 USD

Click here to directly order an Argentina e-sim card online.

The above Abrazo e-sim cards for Argentina use the Movistar 4G/LTE network, are data-only and phone calls are not supported. Find more info in the link above.

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You can also buy a physical prepaid sim card for Argentina online. These pre-registered international sim card will be shipped to your home address before your trip. You put this sim card in your phone on arrival in Argentina and it connects automatically.

For $49.90 USD you get 5 GB data for 14 days. Click here to order this sim card for traveling in Argentina.

I hope all the above tips and info for buying a sim card at Buenos Aires Airport were helpful for your upcoming trip to Argentina. Let me know if you have any more questions in the comments below and I am more than happy to help you out.

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Enjoy your trip to Argentina!

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