Buying a Sim Card for Slovakia in 2023

Traveling to Slovakia and looking for the best way to stay connected? High roaming charges or slow overseas data plans can ruin your trip, so get yourself a prepaid sim card or an e-sim card for Slovakia. This is a complete guide for buying a sim card for Slovakia with up to date prices as per August 2023, where to buy a sim card, the best e-sim cards for Slovakia, the best 4G/5G network in Slovakia, my recommendation, information about international sim cards for Slovakia and more.

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My recommendation

Traveltomtom recommends a T-Mobile sim card for Slovakia. They have a great 4G/5G network across the country and they have a good prepaid sim card plans for tourists.

However, the easiest way to stay connected when traveling to Slovakia in 2023 is an e-sim card. There are amazing e-sim card plans available and you order online and are set within a couple clicks. See below for more info.

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E-sim cards for Slovakia

With an e-sim card you can arrange everything online in just a couple minutes. Simple as that! Order online, get an email with a code and instructions, apply the settings and you are all set. Check out the following Slovakia e-sim card deals: 

  • 1 GB data for 7 days = $4.5 USD
  • 3 GB data for 30 days = $9 USD
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = $13 USD
  • 10 GB data for 30 days = $22 USD

Click here to directly order an e-sim card for Slovakia online or get more info.

With an e-sim card you keep your phone number from home. There are also e-sim cards for traveling to Europe available that work perfectly fine in Slovakia. Click on the link to see my comparison of the best Europe sim cards in 2023.

You can also still buy a prepaid sim card for Slovakia online. These pre-activated international sim cards will be shipped to your home address before your trip. For example 20 GB data for $49.90 USD. Click here to order this sim card for Slovakia directly online or find more info and offers in the link.

Slovakia sim cards and traveling in Europe

Is Slovakia your first country on your Europe trip? Good news! All the Slovakia prepaid sim cards come with free roaming in the EU countries. Which means that if you travel onwards to Austria, Italy, Croatia or Hungary you can use your Slovakia sim card without any extra charges.

But is a Slovakia sim card good for traveling in Europe? Not really… there are much better options! Check out my article with the best Europe sim cards for travel in 2023 or for more info on free EU roaming check my article about buying a prepaid sim card in Europe.

Mobile internet operators Slovakia

Slovakia is the first country in Europe where I found three well known (foreign) mobile internet companies competing for the best Slovakia sim card:

  • O2 Slovakia
  • Orange Slovakia
  • T-Mobile Slovakia

There is also the fairly new SWAN Mobile operating as a mobile internet provider in Slovakia, but they do NOT offer prepaid sim cards for tourists.

Best 4G/5G network in Slovakia in 2023

It are not only the prices that determine which is the best Slovakia sim card for tourists. In case you are doing a road trip through the country you want to stay connected ofcourse. Therefore I also checked the best Slovakia mobile internet network and found the below network coverage maps for Slovakia.

Is there 5G in Slovakia?

Yes, there is 5G in Slovakia in the bigger cities, the 5G network as of 2023 is pretty decent. Pretty much all the tourist destinations in Slovakia are covered with either a 4G or 5G signal.

O2 Slovakia 4G/5G coverage map

T-Mobile Slovakia 4G/5G coverage map

Orange Slovakia 4G/5G coverage map

From the above 4G/5G Slovakia coverage maps we can see that all of the three providers have a great 4G network and O2 and T-Mobile have a decent 5G network as well. The 5G network from Orange Slovakia is pretty disappointing. When it comes to the 4G network strength I dare to say that all the best places to visit in Slovakia are covered with a good 4G signal.

Where to buy a Slovakia sim card

All the major cities in Slovakia have mobile internet stores. In Bratislava you can find them clustered in the Eurovea mall, unfortunately not in the old town. When buying a sim card in Slovakia you will need to bring your passport for the registration process.

Sim card Bratislava Airport

They also sell sim cards at Bratislava Airport but they are more expensive of course. There is no Orange, O2 or T-Mobile shop at the airport so you have to go with what the bookstores offer and there is a little kiosk at Bratislava airport selling sim cards for Slovakia.

Prices prepaid Slovakia sim cards in 2023

There are not many prepaid sim card options for tourists as all the stores only sell one or two prepaid Slovakia sim cards. On top of that it is a bit of a puzzle what you get, but I will try to explain it the best I can and find you the best sim card for Slovakia.

The below prices and info are updated per August 2023 and prices are in Euros: $1 USD = €0.91 EUR and €1 EUR = $1.10 USD.

O2 Slovakia

An O2 Slovakia sim card cost €2 but also comes with €2 credit. Calling costs €0,10 per phone call only, sms €0,05. The data can be topped up with the following packages:

  • 1 GB for 1 day = €1
  • 1 GB for 1 week = €2
  • 1 GB for 4 weeks = €3
  • 2 GB for 4 weeks = €5

Data of the above O2 Slovakia data packages is valid in Slovakia and all of Europe.

As you can see O2 Slovakia only offers very small data packages for its prepaid sim cards. Depending how long you stay in Slovakia and how much data you use you could figure out a very cheap price. Check the O2 website for the latest information.

Orange Slovakia

Buying an Orange Slovakia prepaid sim card costs €2 and comes with €2 credit + 1 GB data.

  • 2 GB data = €6
  • 10 GB data = €10

For €12 you get 11 GB data + €2 calling credit, not a bad deal! Check the Orange Slovakia website for more info.

T-Mobile Slovakia

A T-Mobile Slovakia prepaid sim card costs €9 and comes with €9 credit. Calling costs €0,10 per minute and a text is €0,06. Data can be obtained by the following packages:

  • 1 GB for 10 days = €2
  • 5 GB for 30 days = €8

Check the T-Mobile Slovakia website for the latest info.

Best Slovakia sim card for tourists in 2023

When comparing all the prepaid sim card deals and the 4G/5G network coverage Traveltomtom comes to the conclusion that T-Mobile is the best prepaid sim card in Slovakia in 2023.

Order a sim card for Slovakia online

Does buying a sim card in Slovakia sound like too much hassle? Then have a look into buying a sim card for Slovakia on arrival. Get a prepaid international sim card for Slovakia that is pre-activate shipped to your home address before your trip. Check out the following sim card deals:

1. Orange Holiday ZEN – $29.90

  • 8 GB data
  • Unlimited calls/sms in Europe
  • 30 minutes worldwide
  • 200 sms worldwide
  • Valid 14 days

2. Three PAYG AIO15 – $29.90

  • 10 GB data
  • Unlimited calls/sms in Europe
  • Valid 30 days

3. Three PAYG AIO20 – $39.90

  • 12 GB data
  • Unlimited calls/sms in Europe
  • Valid 30 days

4. Orange Holiday Europe – $49.90

  • 20 GB data
  • Unlimited calls/sms in Europe
  • 120 minutes worldwide
  • 1,000 sms worldwide
  • Valid 14 days

Click here to order a sim card for Slovakia directly online or get more info in the link.

Personally I would recommend the last two linked options: Three or Orange.

Also a last reminder that you can also arrange everything online by ordering an e-sim card for Slovakia.

I hope all the above tips for buying a sim card in Slovakia were helpful for your upcoming trip. May you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to leave me a message below. I am more than happy to help you out also for Slovakia travel tips.

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Enjoy your trip to Slovakia!

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